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Wet Land by Lucas de Lima
Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream by Kim Hyesoon
Rain of the Future by Valerie Mejer
Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer by Abraham Smith
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Wet Land
by Lucas de Lima
ISBN 9780989804820
Poetry. LGBTQ Studies. Latino/Latina Studies.

"Lucas de Lima's stunning book affected me so profoundly at all the stages of reading it, encountering it—before it was a book and afterwards, when it was. In the work of this extraordinary writer, the fragment is not an activity of form. It's an activity of evisceration."
- Bhanu Kapil

"The two voices that alternate in this narrative of trauma—the quotidian voice of the poet and a ritual voice of invocation—queer the story in the most profound way. Together with de Lima we call forth the god who will transform the narrative. As queers, we are the incarnation of countless shamans, medicine men, magicians and priests. The poet places himself in this tradition through his invocation."
- AA Bronson

Wet Land
Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream
by Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi
ISBN 9780989804813
Poetry. East Asia Studies, Women's Studies. Translated from the Korean by Don Mee Choi.

"Her poems are not ironic. They are direct, deliberately grotesque, theatrical, unsettling, excessive, visceral and somatic. This is feminist surrealism loaded with shifting, playful linguistics that both defile and defy traditional roles for women."
- Pam Brown

Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream
Rain of the Future
by Valerie Mejer
Edited by C.D. Wright
Translations by A.S. Zelman-Doring, Forrest Gander, and C.D. Wright
ISBN 9780989804806
Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies.

"Welcome to Valerie Mejer's phantasmagoria. In the back of the poet's mind, Bachelard may be the touchstone. In the reader's, it could be Bosch."
- C.D. Wright

"Andre Breton famously wrote 'Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all'—Mejer convulses steady as a beating heart."
- Publishers Weekly

"Valerie Mejer keeps writing poems that, in their disconsolate perplexity, disclose a sweeping prospect in which biography, landscape, memory and dream erase their respective margins, making clear to us that what we come to call existence is simply a modality in which we claim our right to weakness, defeat, hemorrhage, because only through radical vulnerably can the urgency of love arise."
- Raúl Zurita

Rain of the Future
Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer
by Abraham Smith
ISBN 9780989804837

"Abraham Smith carries greatness like a splinter in the lining of the heart. He carries it like a poison drunk up in infancy, a bone shard that traveled from a smashed rib or a flint of exploitation that was planted there by a bad friend or a wasted economic system. Yet music pours from Smith like blood, cheap wine, car-radio and bird song. Abe is an ecstatic, standing outside himself and singing to himself, the whole pulling-apart yet encapsulated pageant of Keats' Nightingale played out in the person of one poet."
- Joyelle McSweeney

Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer

by Lucas de Lima

Lucas de Lima was born in southeastern Brazil. He is the author of WET LAND (Action Books, 2014) as well as the chapbooks Ghostlines (Radioactive Moat Press) and Terraputa (forthcoming from Birds of Lace). A contributing writer at, he pursues doctoral studies in Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kim Hyesoon

Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream
Author Info:
Kim Hyesoon is a prominent South Korean poet who has received numerous prestigious literary awards. She teaches creative writing at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Her work translated into English includes three titles from Action Books, Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream (2014), ALL THE GARBAGE OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (2011) and MOMMY MUST BE A FOUNTAIN OF FEATHERS (2008), the chapbook WHEN THE PLUG GETS UNPLUGGED (Tinfish Press, 2005), and poems in the anthology ANXIETY OF WORDS: CONTEMPORARY POETRY BY KOREAN WOMEN (Zephyr Press, 2006).
Read more here.

Translator Info:
Don Mee Choi was born and grew up in Seoul and Hong Kong and now lives in Seattle. She is the author of The Morning News is Exciting (Action Books, 2010) and a recipient of a 2011 Whiting Writers Award and the 2012 Lucien Stryk Translation Prize.

Valerie Mejer

Rain of the Future
Author Info:
Painter and poet Valerie Mejer was born in Mexico City. Her poems explore containment and fragility, layering loss and possibility over a once-familiar landscape. She is the author of the poetry collections Rain of the Future (2013), translated by Forrest Gander, Alexandra Zelman, and C.D. Wright; de la ola, el atajo (2009); Geografías de Niebla (2008); Esta Novela Azul (2004), which was translated by Michelle Gil-Montero as This Blue Novel (2014); and Ante el Ojo de Cíclope (1999). Her book De Elefante a Elefante (1997) won the Spanish Government's "Gerardo Diego 1966" International Award. Her etchings appear in Raúl Zurita's Los Boteros de la Noche (2010), and her paintings appear in Forrest Gander's Ligaduras / Ligatures (2012) and in Antonio Prete's Menhir (2007) and L'imperfection de la Lune (2007). Mejer is also the recipient of two CONACULTA grants as well as a grant from Sistema Estatal de Creadores for her translation of Australian poet Les Murray's work.

Translator Info:
Forrest Gander's most recent books are the novel As A Friend and the hybrid collection, Core Samples from the World, both from New Directions. He has translated award-winning collections by Coral Bracho, Pura López Cólome, and Jaime Saenz among other Spanish-language poets. He is a United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow.

A.S. Zelman-Doring's recent poetry and translation has appeared in The Oxford Magazine, LIT Magazine, The Saint Ann's Review, The Indy, The Brown Literary Review, and other journals. She studied at Brown University, Saint Edmund Hall, Oxford, and Columbia University, and is the winner of the Glascock Prize for Poetry.

C.D. Wright's most recent collection is One With Others: a little book of her days which won the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award. She has published over a dozen collections of poetry and prose.

Abraham Smith

Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer
Abraham Smith hails from Ladysmith, Wisconsin. His poetry collections—via Action Books—are Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer (2014); Hank (2010); and Whim Man Mammon (2007). His reading highlights include stints at the Academy of American Poets' Rooftop Reading Series and Opium Magazine's Literary Death Match. He is the recipient of fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, and the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Smith winters as Instructor of English at University of Alabama; Smithy summers as farmhand (Farmall tractor rider) on Hawks' Highland Farm.

Click here to watch Abraham Smith reading from his book "Hank" at the Alabama Book Festival (April 21, 2012).